‘Fortnite’ Chapter 2, Season 2 Victory Royale Umbrella Revealed And It’s Very Cool [Updated] - FNN

Every season of Fortnite there’s a new umbrella glider that you can unlock only one way: By winning a match of the game in Solo, Duo or Squads (or some LTMs like Trios or Bounty).
When you win, the ultimate prize is nabbing that special umbrella. Usually it’s a seasonal umbrella but sometimes, like with John Wick’s Bounty, you can also win an LTM prize umbrella.
Chapter 2, Season 2’s umbrella is one of the coolest so far. And no surprise here, but it’s black and gold. Gold is this season’s color in a way no other season has really had a color scheme before thanks to the new Battle Pass character and spy leader Midas.
Here’s the umbrella:

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  1. This bob the robber 4 on hudgames summarizes my 7th grade, often playing stealth in school on hudgames