Poll: If Fortnite battle royale added achievements would you play it? - FNN

We're back for another TA Poll. Last week was asked you what you thought about the new Xbox Game Pass Quests system. From the 2483 responses we received, 69.2% of you said you were loving the new method of obtaining those sweet Microsoft Rewards points.

This week, we are going for something a little different. With the recent start of Fortnite's Season 2 — and how seemingly divisive the game has now become — we began wondering if the TA community would play the battle royale if Epic added achievements. It's consistently featuring at the top of our Xbox Gameplay Chart, often in the top spot. However, in recent weeks, Call of Duty Modern Warfare and the recent addition to Xbox Game Pass, GTA V have knocked Fortnite down a peg or two. Could we see Fortnite regain some ground if there was a battle royale achievement list to work through?

If Fortnite battle royale added achievements, would you play it? Let us know your answer by voting in this week's TA Poll and by sharing your opinion in the comments below.

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