Weapon Rarities: What They Mean and Why It Matters - Fortnite Game 2020

Weapon Rarities - Fortnite Game 2020

The video that is linked to Fortnite Battle Royale Starting Location: Picking a Good Drop Point also provide to you the solid detail related to the weapon rarities. They are high-quality items that you can find out when you are traveling throughout the map. Currently, there are five different rarities in total. They comprise:
  • Gray – Common
  • Green – Uncommon
  • Blue – Rare
  • Purple – Epic
  • Orange – Legendary
When you or any player gets familiar with this kind of the tier system, they will be able to aware that the better the rarity, the more difficult it is to come by. “Legendary” objects are considered as very rare. In addition to that, they are obviously extremely strong.
There are a few other notes involved what you are advised to look to loot and certainly hold. They are:
  • Anything with a scope is amazing in the match due to it will help you deal the damage to the enemy from distance. It seems to be the edge over them in every single game of that type. Most of the fights will be set at medium to far range. Thus, a scope is essential and brings back an awesome result.
  • Next, keep getting the ammo wherever you can. Furthermore, you will not want to sprint to get rid of sniper bullets as you are attacked perfectly in your sights.
  • Finally, if a higher rarity of the existing weapon appears, you do not forget to swap it out or switch. It is a no-barrier and gives an upgrade immediately on whatever that you packed at that time.
Check out General overview: The basics of the game to learn much more about the upcoming combat. Good luck!

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