Fortnite Game 2020: Battle Royale is a PUBG-inspired shooter game that is free to download and play on the mobile devices powered by Android and iOS. The game bears the similar gameplay mechanics to other previous Battle Royale games. Players also have to land on a strange island where they will start a brutal combat. To have a nice landing spot, you should research on the ever-changing map in Fortnite game as well as learn all the brand new locations before choosing one for yourself. If you pick the right location to land on, you will have a better chance to survive!

     Dropping into the wrong spot will surely lead your game to a failure very soon! You won’t see any weapons and supplies around you in that bad spot, causing you to run around aimlessly without anything in your hands besides just a good-for-nothing pickaxe. If you keep running like this, sooner or later, you will be shot down by someone else easily. With this detailed guide below, surely you will know what the best landing spots for you are!
Brand new locations in Fortnite Season 5
Paradise Palms

You will surely be able to admire the scenic views of the Paradise Palms! Make your way through a road curving through an ancient village, a junkyard, a small city as well as a track that you can enjoy the kart racing. This area is so dense, which is split up by the strongly rising and falling topography.
Lazy Links

You can see the shallow rolling hills of a golf course in Lazy Links. All of them revolve around a clubhouse at the center.
Unnamed Nordic village

This unnamed Nordic Village is located toward the west of Tilted Towers on the peak of a mountain. It features a lot of huts broken up by a longship down the center. The area is encircled by the rifts, and you will find it easy to get out of a tough position and then into a nice one.
Principal tips

Before landing on a certain spot, you should think about where to land on to get as much loot as possible. You can check out some principal tips below:
Catch others unmindful when they go away from big spots

For instance, if ten players land on a town together, one person will try to make it out alive with all the loot. If you go far away from those spots, you will be able to collect many items, gear up yourself fast then swing back around, catching others unmindful when they think that nobody is still alive. If you are lucky to have a nice shot at a certain rival when they have no idea where you are, you will surely get an edge over them even though they have better weapons than yours. Try to take this chance to defeat them all to earn more loot.
If you don’t want to jump into a clash early and you just want to enjoy something peaceful, just drop yourself late

Most of the survivors are eager to drop down into an island earlier. They will fall down in the Battle’s Bust’s journey since they don’t like to wait around. If you want to carry out an action fast, you can drop soon, conversely, you should drop late if you want to enjoy a stable game.
Go farther away

You are recommended to pock the drop spot that is farther away from the path of the bus so you won’t endure too much resistance when you descend. If you see that the bus hanging left on the map, then there won’t be too many players dropping on the named spots on the right. Try to drag your parachute soon to go farther.
If you are joining the solo mode, you should reach more deserted locations

If you play as a solitary survivor, you can totally get to some secluded drop spots. You will see one or two chests there, open them to get some good gears then you can get ready for the clash. The deserted spots are only recommended for the solo player. If you are joining a duo or a squad mode, you will find it difficult to reach these places. You need to aim for bigger spots if playing with friends.
Watch over the sky carefully

You need to remember to watch over the sky when you descend. Try to keep an eye on the location you are aiming and the other players that are descending around you. You should look for the parachutes, memorize where others hand descended.

Let’s move to the next section where you will find out 12 drop spots that you should pick in Fortnite Battle Royale!
Best landing locations
The deserted town southwest of Paradise Palms

An unnamed spot is probably the most regularly loot-dense zone in the game. Most of the try-hard survivors drop into Paradise Palms, making this town kind of empty. You should smash the western edge first then go check on the second floor of every shelter to get more loot and some chests. You can traverse the town but make sure you always listen to the footsteps carefully. You may find six or some chests by the time to get out of it.

Relying upon the storm circle you receive, it will be good to spin along the road that splits through the secluded area. Paradise Palms bring you many scenic views, also with all the loot you collect from earlier, it will be an easy task for you to wipe out the remaining other players. But if the storm circle is far away, you should find a rift or golf cart then make a great escape.
The hostel to the west of Anarchy Acres

This deserted location probably will also bring you some chests. You won’t confront many enemies here either. You need to pick one of the motel wings then descend on the roof prior to breaking your way inside. Go find some chests and always listen to the enemies or any noises around you.

When you gear up yourself with some loot, you can move to Anarchy Acres or Pleasant Park then begin killing others.
A chain of trucks southeast of Fatal Fields

If you want to get a lot of chests without getting through too much conflict, you have come to the right place! This is such a nice place for you to suit your desire. You will find a truck at the blue marker. It frequently brings you a chest and a separate weapon.

From that place, you should move southeast to the destroyed house. You will easily see it on the map since it’s on a patch of grass, and it’s more brilliant than the remaining of the zone. Probably, you will catch sight of another player there. However, they don’t await you. Prior to moving straightly west, you must snatch up any loot. Then, you will bump into two trucks after that. The taller one can give you to chests, and sometimes, you may catch sight of one on the top of the smaller one.

Probably, you will be armed with some weapons and stuff for now. If the circle is far, just have your stakes ready! If it’s close, just directly head north to see the new film studio in Moisty Mire and this place has so much loot for you. If you don’t get to there, you can move to Fatal Fields to eat up anyone that is attempting to leave.
Tomato Town overlook

Tomato Town is a kind of firm place to drop in. Toward the south of the town, you will see a metal bunker at the blue marker. It also has a staircase leading you down inside the hill and then lead you out into the tunnel that directs out of the town. Normally, you find two or three weapons on the stairs, and a chest at the bottom.

You’d better be careful here since this is such a famous location. Normally, if you come in from above, you will land on anyone that descended straightly in the tunnel. Make sure you keep an ear out for the direction of footsteps. After coping with the lurkers, you should break down the fake wall that is inside the tunnel, which is on the opposing side to the staircase and on the left of the blue car.

At this location, you are able to head back up the stairs then get onto the hill instantly then you can totally enjoy a scenic view of Tomato Town. Make sure you stay watchful for anyone leaving, take this chance to ambush them then you can grab their items.
Compound north east of Flush Factory

Land on the southeast corner of the compound, which is highlighted by a tall chimney, and you will catch sight of a chest on top of it from time to time. Try to grab it so you will earn a weapon for yourself. You need to learn the locations of the nearby rivals then quickly wipe them out.

When you get there, just quickly snatch up the big building that has the chimney. Get access to the metal containers then go upstairs to get more chests. This is an active and a famous location so you need to listen to the footsteps. You will catch sight of the trucks and containers out in the open, they are between the constructions and they contain some more chests.

A new warehouse club was added to the area in the Season 4. It brings a nice landing location for getting a lot of chests, however, you probably won’t be able to hear the noise of other people because of the loud music. It’s somewhat dim, so they could hide anywhere.

Get ready for the long haul if you come out on top. This perfect place is for duos or squads if you want to stay away from the named spots.
The big tree to the northwest of the Wailing Woods

This place can be a good location for you to get one or two chest, but make sure you stay in this spot only when you’re playing solo. Try to target for the big tree and when you descend, you should look at the high ground to the south. There is a weapon on the ground, take it and go to the trunk. If you’re lucky, you may get two chests from the tree.

You have several options here! If you move to Tomato Town, you will come on some high ground that oversees plenty of buildings. But if you move directly northeast the two nearby house, one of them has a basement, enter it to find several things there.

In this Season 4 update, you can explore a new place called Risky Reels, which is the north of the tree. Try to wipe out the scraps if you feel confident, then you will be well armed for a clash.
The tower at the far northeast of the map

A tower, which is located in the far northeast corner of the map, will probably give you three chests, and you can see an ice cream truck toward the west, which also brings you a further two. The initial chest location is at the top of the tower. You should descend on the roof if you catch sight of a glow of yellow running through the wood.

But sometimes, there is on the revealed west side of the tower (see the image below). You can snatch t up if you want. This location used to be very famous. However, you will rarely confront any opponents here following the Season 3 update and into the Season 4.

When you finish, you should walk straightly west to the deserted ice cream truck to get several chests there. After that, you start clearing the constructions to the west.
The mountain to the north of Salty Springs

This isn’t considered as the best place for looting, however, you surely experience a fun clash and a powerful position bang in the middle of the map.

This place is just basically a multi-stepped mountain that can spawn at least two chests that are hidden somewhere. You should try to reach the top of the mountain first to get the chests.

Dusty used to be a young crater! You should try to take a look at the hill from all angles before descending to find the chests, you can even hunt them down too. Also, you should think quickly to get the best weapons as fast as possible. After that, just move to Salty Springs. You can try reaching Dusty Divot. However, this place is now full of trees, so you need to stay watchful for anyone that is covering themselves among the trees.
The houses west of Shifty Shafts

It’s still a good idea to land on at Shifty Shafts which is a busy spot, however, this spot is much less busy than other named spots. It’s like a labyrinth here. You should go search for some weapons when you’re gliding in and try to reach for the best one.

You are suggested to begin at the houses to the west of the main mine shafts. Two buildings there will often give you one or two chests, together with weapons and ammo. You can get a nice position to ambush on Shifty Shafts. When you get there, probably the clashes are all over, now the winners will be immersed in the looting mode. You should take this chance to surprise them.

Some people still have no idea where the chest locations are at Shifty Shafts. Even if this place was busy, you would still be able to grab one or two chests. Keep staying above the ground and never stop listening to the noises around you.
On the peak of the western mountains

This spot is kind of dangerous, and you are recommended to reach the top of the western mountains only when you play solo. Three multi-layered mountains between Tilted Towers and Snobby Shores are there. You probably want to go to the top-left one. When you drop, just take a look and search for the chests. One chest can appear right on top, and the other one will pop up on the next level down, toward the east of the top.

You shouldn’t spend too much time trying to find the chests, and if they are not there, you may get beaten by everyone else. Therefore, you must choose the landing location carefully.

With Season 4, there is a missile silo constructed into the side of the mountain. It brings further loot and an easy route down to Snobby, but the location also became more attractive to the players thanks to the missile silo. Probably there are more people at the mountain peak or others lying in wait inside. It’s still an unnamed spot, so you can try it sometimes if you want.

If you touch down and snatch up two chests, there are two options for you. You’re having an edge over Snobby Shores, just wait then see who will be the winner. But if you want to play something safer, you should land down the northern face of the mountain, reach the solitary house toward the southwest of Pleasant Park. Relying on the time, you are able to swing by Haunted Hills.
The houses south of Snobby Shores

This is another dangerous spot that is only suit for playing solo. However, it’s kind of useful if you are intending to descend in Snobby Shores, you can change your plan if you see there are too many rivals there. At least two chests will be created by the two houses. Don’t forget to go check the basement below the southern one.

If you are armed with enough gear, you can move to the north then start making a surprise attack on anyone that is trying to get away from Snobby Shires. But if you don’t feel brave, you can move to the south along the coast to find a chest.
The football field west of Tilted Towers

If you are looking for a fun location to descend, don’t skip Tilted Towers! It’s an interesting place for dropping, however it can get somewhat frantic. Another good place you can drop is a little further west where you will see a group of buildings there. One of them conceals an indoor football field.

A good alternative is to head a little further west, where you’ll come across a cluster of buildings, one of which hides an indoor football (or soccer, if you’re so inclined) field.

If you are well equipped, you can head back to Tilted Towers with the hope that most people have gone. For those who want to keep a low profile, just move straightly northeast to Loot Lake

And that’s all for the best landing spots with some basic useful tips in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Hopefully, you will find this guide useful enough to master the locations. Just think carefully the pick a dropping spot for yourself!